Christmas Carol Service 2017

The Sunday School conducted the annual Carol Service at Clough Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church on Sunday, 17th December. Under the leadership of Elsie Nelson, the Sunday School superintendent, the children had prepared a series of prayers, poems, readings and songs as they led the morning worship. Molly Rooney and Kayla Ramsey were the narrators with contributions by Ethan Perkins, Thomas Rooney, Sarah Rooney, Sophie Ramsey, William Rooney, Ethan Stranney, Lexie Rooney, Charlotte Tougher, Zak Stranney. The whole Sunday School took part in singing Away in a Manger and O What a Special Night. Warmest thanks were expressed to the children and to the superintendent and helpers. The organist was Alfie McClelland.

Some images from the service:

Sunday School opening 2017 02

Sunday School start 2017 02

Sunday School readers 2017 01

Sunday School readers 2017 02

Sunday School readers 2017 03

Sunday School readers 2017 04

Sunday School elf 2017

Sunday School 2017 04


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